1How big is a typical AIPHC franchise?
The AIPHC franchise business may start from home, or alternatively out of a small office location (ranging up to 1,000 square feet) allowing for a lower initial investment in the business to get a franchisee started.
2How long does it take to open my own AIPHC franchise?
A typical franchisee will require about three (3) months needed to open for business.
3Who is an ideal franchisee candidate?
Although there may be a number of viable franchisee profiles, AIPHC management believes that prospects with medical backgrounds, strong customer service abilities, business and schedule management skills are pertinent to being a successful franchisee.
4How big is a franchisee allotted territory?
The typical territory will include a defined area and will be documented as a 30,000-50,000 residents above the age of 65.